Wave Pre-Order Timeline Update

GM, GA, GE 👋

Thank you so much for ordering Waves! We finally have an update as to when we'll be shipping out our pre-orders.

You will be receiving your Wave in 8-10 weeks, which will be some time in January or February of 2022.

You may ask yourself... Why, Atomic Form? Why take longer? Give Wave. Well, we did not expect the level of interest in our product(s) and have had to rewrite some of the code to scale. Potentially with some of your favorite marketplaces. 👀 This was a design scheme that we were not even close to expecting. We undertook a fundraise (more on this later) and as a small team, this ate up a lot of time that would have gone to development. We also made the decision to focus on pioneering in-person events at NFT.NYCArt Basel, and private shows all around the world. 

We will spare you the bloody details unless you specifically want but what started as a means to show JPEGs has turned into ways to secure them, organize the internet of property, map ownership across chains, and fully embrace what is being built. When we began building this in early 2021, we had no idea what would come.

On a closing note, we will be sure to reward the people who have supported us early on social media, on orders and in our lives. This company has become emblematic of our journey into the future of the Internet as a place to trade, learn, share, view, connect, and (sort of) live. We do apologize for delays - but (and sorry for the cliché) we believe this is how we can offer the most sustainable, software and hardware for web3 and NFT's.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to our team at contact@atomicform.com or reach out to us on Twitter @atomicform.


AF HQ ⛓️🖼️⛓️

PS: Regular People Like Us Too

ICYMI, Wave is an honoree for the CES Innovation Awards 2022 in the Virtual and Augmented reality category. This is more or less the "Super Bowl for consumer electronics". We believe that if we are bringing 1B people into the internet of property and art, that we need the most friendly tools to do so. This is an exciting milestone for us and we are happy to share it with you.