Atomic Form Launches Photon, a Powerful and Flexible Device to Display Your NFTs

     Atomic Form is proud to announce the launch of Photon, an on-chain NFT exhibition tool for galleries and homes that connect to any display with an HDMI port. Trusted by top auction houses, Photon has been used at shows at Christie’s and Sotheby’s, and was developed to meet the need for a more affordable and flexible NFT art exhibition solution. “When we were developing our first product Wave, we realized that there was still a gap in the market for something that could be transported from room to room in a house, or even gallery to gallery,” said Atomic Form co-founder Isabelle Kitze, “Photon was born out of us asking ourselves, what if the best NFT display is a screen that you already own?”

      Photon comes installed with the Atomic Form software stack and supports NFTs from the Ethereum and Solana blockchain, including generative artwork. Simply sync your Atomic Form account ( to your Photon, connect your wallet(s), and choose the work you’d like to see. Create playlists to display a curated selection of art, choose different matting solutions, and lend your favorite pieces to your friends or galleries for exhibition. At five inches long and two and a half inches wide, Photon is small but mighty. Transport your artwork anywhere you go and connect to most display solutions, from your home entertainment system to Times Square.

      Atomic Form co-founder Garrette Furo explains, “Photons are our first iteration for a versatile product that can easily unlock P2P exhibition economies and manage in-person events easily. You don’t need to wait for a major hardware manufacturer to include our app, you can just use a Photon as if it were Roku.”

      Photon is the second hardware product to be released by Atomic Form, its first being Wave – a 27” 4K IPS digital display developed for artists and collectors to see their digital art displayed in-home. In 2021, Wave was an honoree at CES for the Virtual and Augmented Reality category.

      “There’s no shortage of talented builders working on digital art displays right now, but the Photon has to be one of the coolest blockchain-enabled devices in the category, full stop.” Noah Davis, Brand Lead for CryptoPunks. In early September, Photon was used on over two dozen displays exhibited at Sotheby’s most recent NFT auction titled, “Inside the World of MaxStealth: A Timeless Collection ”. The sale featured works from Beeple, XCOPY, and Pak, and were placed on screens customized by Atomic Form. Atomic Form also recently announced an integration with Nifty Gateway, the leading marketplace for curated NFT art. Atomic Form is an NFT infrastructure company for data and exhibition solutions. Atomic Form bridges the physical and digital worlds through on-chain verification, participation, and display. They’ve provided blockchain verification and gallery management software for cultural institutions around the world, including the historic first NFT sold in a photography lot at a major auction house (Justin Aversano, ”Twin Flames #83”) and at “The Gateway” during Art Basel, Miami 2021, which was the largest on-chain exhibition ever executed.