Atomic Form and Metapurse Come Together to Present "Betty's Notebook" at Dreamverse 2021

Atomic Form is pleased to announce our participation in the Betty's Notebook project, a multi-token NFT project that incorporates music and visuals into a unique and cohesive art piece. "Betty's Notebook" has gained industry-wide attention for its groundbreaking work in programmable music and in musical NFT's in general. The piece is inspired by the disappearance of Amelia Earhart, and specifically the diary of Betty Brown, who was likely one of the few people to hear Earhart's final distress signal over the radio in 1937.  

The master copy of "Betty's Notebook" was acquired in May 2021 by Metapurse and was physically displayed for the first time at the Dreamverse event as a part of NFT.NYC. Under the direction of artistic director Sam Brukhman (who also conducted the choral recording for the project), Atomic Form helped to create the physical representation of "Betty's Notebook", housing the audio and visual elements of the work inside of an antique radio from the era of Earhart.